Graphic Design Projects

Fox Vapor Branding

Company Branding for Fox Vapor Company and the project we have worked on.

Peace Run Design

This is a piece I put together for a local middle school fun run. Looking forward to printing these

Misc T-Shirt Designs

Random T-Shirt Designs I have created over the years.

Company Branding

This is branding for my screen printing company Prism Designs. Business Cards and Flyers.

No rhyme or reason

Random collection of digital art i have for no real rhyme or reason

Poker Night T-Shirt Design

This is a personal project I put together as a T-Shirt Design for our poker club

McMath Middle School T-Shirt Designs

Here is a quick time laps of my process and workflow for T-Shirt Design.

EntTex Logo Design

A clean and simple logo design for Entex. Here is my work process and also how I displayed my work to the client.

Pokédex Dashboard

Lambda School Build Week 1 Project

Prepress UI

Website I created to calculate cost of getting a t-shirt printed.