Garrett Weems


Dedicated and efficient full stack developer with 6+ years’ experience in application layers, presentation layers, and databases. Java Backend Web Development, Java Spring Boot, Adobe certified associate, Adobe, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Spearheaded successful transition, Seeking to further improve HTML5 and CSS3 skills as the future full stack developer at Atmospheric Solutions.


React, Redux ,Gatsby.js, Python, Java ,Node.js, Express , SQL ,Graph QL, Vue.js , Postgres ,ES6 ,HTML , JavaScript , ES6 ,Rest-API ,JWT  Redux-Sagas , Spring Boot, ES6 ,Async-Await ,NPM Node.JS Packages , Jest

Education & Certifications:

  • Lambda School
  • Computer Science / Full stack Web Development
  • Java Backend Web Development
  • Java Spring Boot
  • Adobe certified associate
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Work Experience:

Tridius Technologies LLC

Oct 2019 - July 2020

Frontend Developer

  • Agile work environment
  • Refactored a large portion of the codebase for high reusability for this project and upcoming projects
  • Jest component unit testing
  • Created custom react hooks for consuming the backend rest-api
  • GraphQL Queries resolving data from the backend database consumed by our Rest-API
  • GraphQL Mutations to asynchronously post data to our backend database
  • Create different webviews for users depending on the role aligned to the user authentication
  • Created an admin dashboard with a table component capable of lazy loading new columns and rows, filterable, sortable, and implemented search the url query parameters
  • Implemented new features or bug fixes through Microsoft Dev-Ops
  • Exposure/ Familiarity to building api endpoints  .NET Core framework
  • Wrote a highly re-usable, well-documented React component library with the use of Storybook.js
  • All components were strictly typed with Typescript
  • Implemented lazy loaded components with the recent React.lazy() function for a faster initial load time
  • Satisfied requirements within banking industry standards
  • Created custom form components with heavy input validation for submitting sensitive info
  • Implemented test driven development (TDD)
  • Unit Testing with Jest javascript framework
  • Technologies
  • React.js
  • Typescript
  • Redux
  • Redux sagas
  • React hooks
  • GIT
  • Material-UI
  • React Router
  • Formik
  • Styled components
  • .NET Core


2019 (3 months)

UX UI / Frontend Developer Intern

  • Worked in an Agile development environment
  • Wireframed pages for a new company project while also having to follow existing corporate branding Technologies
  • HTML
  • Figma UX / UI Design tool
  • Bootstrap css framework
  • Created interactive prototypes for demo to the project owner
  • Exposure to Angular.js

Prism Designs

2015 - 2018

  • Junior Frontend Developer / Graphic Artist
  • HTML / CSS For client pages
  • Create custom svg graphics for use with React.js components
  • Redux state management
  • Used Axios for API request
  • Node.JS / SQL Database backend environment

Personal Projects

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